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13 Jul 2017

Talking Building Blocks Teach Kids to Spell


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Posted By Ken H.

The benefits of talking educational toys and the creativity of building blocks have been combined to create a new world of learning. Smarcks are the world's smartest blocks that can recognize and remember what they are stacked on and teach children about everything from spelling to math.

Building blocks have always been one of the most fundamental and important developmental toys for children but their popularity has been overshadowed by high tech toys. Smarcks have brought building blocks into the modern era with all the exciting features of sophisticated microprocessor controlled toys.

Smarcks are one of the most diverse educational toys with the unique characteristic to combine the creativity of building with teaching spelling, counting, colors, nursery rhymes, shapes, addition, subtraction, puzzles, music, and good manners. Smart Blocks provide years of educational and creative benefits and an endless source of fun and entertainment.

There are 7 Smarcks sets. The first is a building set with 70 non-talking blocks and one talking blue color block. The next 6 Smarcks products are progressive learning sets of talking blocks for ages 1 to 5. One of the Smart Blocks is a spelling block which teaches children how to spell 26 different words with statements such as, "B is for bird, B-I-R-D, bird."

The owner and inventor of the Smarcks has 4 children ages 1 to 9. He is currently helping his youngest son learn with the ABC Block, "Shane loves to learn to spell with the blocks. It is the first thing he wants to do when I come home from work. He finds a new word on his own by stacking the blocks and when he is ready he tells me how it is spelled. I then sit down with him and he writes out all the words he knows which gives him a great sense of pride."

It is an amazing experience for both children and parents to build and learn with the Smarcks. Having your child ask to learn is probably the second best thing a parent could ask for. Hugs and kisses are obviously the first! The inventor's son is in preschool and won't be starting kindergarten for another 6 months. He knows almost all the words the ABC Block spells and has mastered all the math blocks.

The Smarcks 70 Piece Building Set received an Approved Award from Parents' Choice, the nation's oldest nonprofit guide to children's media and toys. Dr Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, an educator and expert on child development and children's products, selected Smarcks Smart Blocks as one of her 2010 Best Picks for new children's toys.


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